How to find Serial Dell 1135N

There are 3 methods to find Serial Dell 1135N

1. Find serial in label behind printer:

2. Find serial by uvcview software:

– Download uvcview : click here
– Connect the printer to the computer by usbcable and turn it on. Open uvcview program and then find usbprinting or usb compose device.

3. Find serial with web access:

– This method applies only for network printers.
Step 1. Turn printer on and waiting it is ready for work.

Step 2: Connect printer to network by RJ45 port or Wifi.

Step 3: Open browser(IE, firefox, chrome…) and type IP Adress of printer and find out machine info tab, you will see version and serial of printer.
– This method is described in the below picture :

– How to find serial printer with netword access:

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