How to fix fuser error Samsung ml-3710 printer

The following is common error fuser unit Samsung ml-3710 printer. Errors usually shown on smart panel of computer connected immediate with printer or LCD status of printer.
– Over heat error (error code 68)
– Low heat error (error code 62)
– Open heat error (error code 60)
This is main components of fuser unit include: Themistor, thermostat, heat roller … The following is diagram of fuser unit:


Diagram of fuser unit Samsung ml-3710 printer

So how to fix Over heat error, Low heat error, Open heat error cycle power of Samsung ml-3710 printer? The answer is right below

I. Introduction fuser unit of Samsung ml-3710 printer.

– Fuser unit is the components can not be missing of laser printer.
– The location of fuser unit at the paper exit area of printer.
– The fuser unit have high temperature, easy to cause burns if touched while the machine is printing.
– Samsung ml-3710 including components: halogen lamp, thermistor, thermostat, heat roller, heat sensor …

II. The function of fuser unit

– Thermistor bar (or halogen lamp) of fuser clusters created temperatures up to 180 * C for fusing toner powder. Along with the effect of pressure rollers can help toner powder to the paper.

– The system rollers over / under of fuser unit reverse rotate of pushing paper through fuser and go out of printer, the printing process is complete.

III. Signs of fuser unit printer Samsung ml-3710 is faulty

– On the printed image is lose toner when you use rubbing.

– The printed image quality is loose toner (Poor fusing)


How to fix fuser unit error loose toner Samsung ml-3710 printer

– The print was wrinkled, torn scratched …
– Printer does not not print, on the status window of computer or printer LCD screen (if it have) one of messages: Open heat, Over Heat, Heating error, low heat, fuser error …

IV. The following is some introduction “How to fix fuser unit error of Samsung ml-3710”:

1. How to fix(repair) Low heat error Samsung ml-3710?

Low heat error is problem occur when temperature of fuser unit lower temperature convention
Phenomenons occur error “Low heat error” on Samsung ml-3710 printer are:
– After receiving a print command, the printer does not print. On the status window or LCD monitor (if it have) of printer shown on message: “Low heat error cycle power”
This error is related to the fusing assembly. The follwing are the most common problems that can cause a Low heat error. And how to fix error:
a. Cycle the power.
– Error occur when printer in the function processing and the power source is missing suddenly.
– Sometimes a simple cycle power source will resolve this error

– Connect power cable of printer direct with outlet on the wall. Because too many devices connected together in a circuit will making this error occur
b. Check the temperature of the fuser unit.
– Remove fuser unit out of frame of printer and then check for on the thermostat and heat roller.

– If the gear is worn, spring is break, pressure roller has error. You should replace the fuser unit Samsung ml-3710.
c. Remove the thermistor components of the fuser unit and clean it. Importantly is you must make sure it secure with the hot roller.
d. The contacts between the electrodes on the sides of the heat roller aren’t making a good connection. You shoud cleaning all contact and then retry to print. If still error, you need replace heat roller.
e. If error is not clear then you should replace the fuser unit.

2. How to fix(repair) Open heat error Samsung ml-3710?

The Open heat error occur when When warming up, it has been lower than 60*C over 35 seconds and on the staus window of computer or LCD screen of printer (if it have) shown on message: “ENGINE FUSER ERROR”
This error is the common errors of Samsung ml-3710 printer. When fuser over heat, can be one or both of the thermostats on the top of the fuser unit will open. Normally, when the fuser unit is cool back down, the thermostat is supposed to close. And then when turn on the printer, it will work as normal. However, it does not work properly. The unit cools back down but the thermostat fails to close back up. In this article, i guide you solve problem without replace fuser unit
a. Remove fuser unit.
b. Remove components: fusing assembly and thermostat out of fuser unit.
c. Check the thermostat?
– If it has continuity then thermostat has not problem.
– Conversely, measure across the individual thermostats to find which one is open. If you isolate the problem child take a can of air and hold it upside down
You give the front of the thermostat, blowing of extremely cold air then try check the thermostat for continuity once again. If it has continuity, then reinstall it and finally the fuser unit come back printer. If the heat rollers haven’t melted together you fixed error.
d. After thermostat has fixed, the printer still shown on message error then the problem can be occur at halogen lamp or connection problem.
You can check continuity across of halogen lamp, if it have problem then replace halogen lamp.
e. While you have the fuser out, you should check the condition of the unit. Finding scratches on surface of heat roller where the thermistor and pick fingers could have worn away the surface. Check for a warped or wrinkled surface on the pressure roller and the gears out. If there is a problem can not be solve, you should replace pressure roller and heat roller.

3. How to fix(repair) Over heat error Samsung ml-3710?

This error occur when It has been higher than 230*C over 10 seconds.
When your printer occurt Over heat error, the printed page will be appear ghost occurs at 82 or 92 mm intervals and on the status window of coputer shown on: Over heat error.
Unplug the power cord and plug it back in. If the problem persists, replacement to the Fuser Unit.
More details, you view in “Samsung ML-3710 Service Repair Manual”.
You can pay it at the following:

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